Personal Bible Study

Beginning to study the Bible may feel overwhelming. The Bible is a rich book, God’s Word to mankind. It can seem daunting, but God designed it to be understood, and we want to help you learn God’s message and promises. We earnestly believe in the living power of the Word of God, and would love to help you develop in personal Bible study.

If you live in the Evansville, Indiana area, we  encourage you to consider a Face to Face, Individualized Study. Men and women from our congregation conduct personal studies at all times throughout the year. In these face to face studies, you will sit with a teacher and open the Bible together. Questions are encouraged, and you set the pace.

Don’t have a Bible? Not a problem! We will gladly provide a copy to you. If you are interested in study, please fill out the Bible Study Request Form.

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    Individualized Bible Study (Evansville, IN Area Residents ONLY)