College students studying

College Group

A time of transition…

College students don’t really study all the time, even if it does feel like that occasionally. College years are a major time of transition, and present new challenges in life and faith. Having a network of godly friendships makes a big difference, as does having a Bible class centered around the core issues of faith and living faithfully in modern culture.

All college stGroup of college students leaning on banisterudents are invited to join in the college group. A college Bible class is offered Sunday mornings year round, and there are a variety of other activities to be part of. The college group cares about living a true examined faith, with intensive Bible discussion, missions participation and service projects. The college group also meets for regular devotionals and activities like retreats, movies and hiking. Students participants have also been spotted sporting hideous Christmas sweaters for their yearly event, and rumor has it that they have been seen sky-diving.

If you want more info about joining this group, contact David Rogers via the church office.