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May 31 – June 5, 2016

The Challenge:  Learning How To Evangelism

Washington Avenue Future Ministers Camp is a training program for teenage young men ages 13-18 (7th-12th Grade during the 2015-2016 School Year) who desire to learn about ministry in the Lord’s church.

Purpose: We will focus upon preaching, teaching, and leadership within the church. During the week there will be special classes to help the camper prepare and deliver a sermon or Bible class, lessons to help equip him for ministry in the Church. Our goal is to offer each camper the challenge to grow through experience. The camper will deliver a lesson on an assigned topic or text; he will receive help from our experienced staff. He will also have hands on opportunities to use various teaching aids for developing a Bible lesson.

Friendships: Not only will they learn what it takes to develop and deliver Bible lessons, you will also have time to develop friendships that will last for all eternity.

Applications: We will accept applications through May 30, 2016. To insure maximum benefit for all campers, reservations will be limited to the first 25 campers whose applications are accepted.

Campers are accepted by application only, either mail or electronic. Campers will receive a letter of confirmation once they have been accepted. Late applications may be confirmed by phone.  All campers must also provide medical and liability releases, signed by parents. These forms will be provided with your confirmation letter.

Mail in applications can be found on the printable brochure.

Location: The camp is hosted by the Washington Ave Church of Christ in Evansville, Indiana. Evansville is located in the southwest corner of Indiana. We are located 150 miles from Nashville, TN; 120 miles from Louisville, KY; 180 miles from Indianapolis, IN; and 170 miles from St. Louis, MO.

Housing: Campers and staff will be housed during the week at the church building. We have complete facilities to make your week comfortable. Meals will be prepared by the members of the Washington Ave congregation.

What to Bring: Camper will need to bring bed-clothes (pillow, sheets, blankets, or sleeping bag) and toiletry items. We ask our campers to be dressed with nice shirts and slacks during the class periods and evening sessions. A coat and tie are required for Wednesday night and Sunday morning services. Casual clothes and knee-length shorts may be worn during down times and recreational periods.

Cost: There is no charge to attend the Future Minister’s Camp. You might bring some spending money for snacks during events that are away from the church building and for some recreational activities. You will only be responsible for transportation to and from the camp; any trips away from the church building will be provided by the Washington Avenue church.

Dates and Times: The dates for the 2016 camp are May 31 – June 5. Check-in time on is May 31 between 2:00-4:00 PM. Camp ends after Sunday morning services on June 5. Parents and friends are invited to attend our Wednesday night service at 6:30 PM, and our Sunday services 9:30 AM Bible class, and 10:30 AM worship.

Camp Staff:  Stephen Rogers, Roger Wright, Alan Bush, Joshua Hartwigsen, Gary Puryear, Scott Wiley, Aaron Stratton, Danny Weddle and Bonita Stewart.

Special Activities: There will be times for recreational activities, such as Laser Tag, Miniature Golf, Swimming, etc.

Future Ministers Camp

Future Ministers Camp Application

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