History of the Washington Avenue Church of Christ

WA Oct 2011 555Many individuals contributed to developing historical information about the Washington Avenue congregation (including its predecessor congregations dating back to the mid-1920’s). And while everyone who participated provided meaningful information, no one played a greater role in the process than Aline Ubelhor. For many years Sister Ubelhor was the congregation’s resident historian, having experienced first hand much of what occurred over the years. She continued to be a resource until her death in 2008. We, and those who follow us, will always be in her debt.

This historical chronology has been segmented into 10 year increments. Each period identifies the ministers, elders, location information and selected events that occurred. As one would expect, the information is not “all inclusive.” Care has been given to be as accurate as possible and, to that end, extensive research was done, using existing church historical documents, materials in the possession of members and a great deal of oral history. Even so, there are periods where information was very limited or not available.

You can access the incremental information by clicking on the period-link.

Please be aware, too, that the information is being provided in web-page format. It is not a book. Consequently, the limitations of the format dictate that some information be omitted. While, over the years, many individuals, groups and activities have made outstanding contributions to the growth and development of the congregation, space will not permit everyone and all events to be recognized. Examples of such restrictions are listings of deacons, office support personnel, Bible School teachers, janitorial personnel, van drivers…and many others. Make no mistake, though, all of these individuals are important and have played critical roles. Without them the congregation would be the lesser.

Finally, understand that this history continues to be a “work in progress.” As meaningful additional information is discovered, the page and links will be updated. To that end, you can play an important role. If you know things that would enhance this work, please share the information.

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