Kids and Parents Together
(Grades 1st-5th)

They are sometimes noisy, often bashful and always energetic.

But most of all, they are wonderful and you see them everywhere. They are our kids grades 1st – 5th. They are extraordinary and they are important! And they are not forgotten. In fact, we have a special place for them in the scheme of things at Washington Avenue…and we call that group KPT.

Focusing on the age appropriate needs of these children, we give careful attention to their development in learning, service and social functions. To that end, activities abound to support their particular needs. Two notable areas are:


This activity is a learning program for children through the fifth grade. Each Sunday, 15 minutes before evening worship begins, the children in this age group gather for a period of fun, singing and instruction. The learning is evenly paced so that mentoring can occur between the younger and older children. A sheet of about 30 facts is used to structure the process. When the children have conquered each component, they seek out an elder in the congregation to demonstrate their new skills. Upon completion and certification of each accomplishment, the child is recognized and an award is given commemorating their success. Although the learning content will vary, core content places focus on Biblical facts, knowing the books of the Bible, becoming familiar with how to become a Christian (and the associated scriptures) and learning Bible songs.


happy smiling youth group of kidsThis structured activity also targets our children in 1st through 5th grades. The focus of this activity is to bring our children and their families together in a setting that will emphasize devotion, fellowship, service and fun. Generally, there are 10 devotional sessions and 10 activity functions yearly. Examples of recent activities include boys making short talks and girls singing classes. Service activities have included “Herb’s Helpers” (participating in an ALS fundraising walkathon) and providing gifts to children at the Kentucky Potters Home. This group has supported our annual Vacation Bible School through neighborhood “door knocking” campaigns. The children have made gift baskets for widows and widowers, college students and military personnel. And, as you would expect, kids in this group participate in congregational fellowship activities ranging through hayrides, movie outings and zoo trips.

Well, by now, you get the idea. Action and energy are two words that describe our Kids and Parents Together group.