Senior citizens on holiday

Senior Citizens

Senior Members…making things happen!

buffet foodNeed someplace to go, something to take your mind off the difficulties of life, something to do for someone else or just have a little fun? Well, we have a group for you. Our Senior Members do it all. Trips to get away for a day, monthly social meeting for food and recreation, lending a helping hand to someone and, on many fronts, quietly sharing their knowledge and experience with those who will benefit.

The coordinator of this ministry will let you know quickly that this is a high energy group. They are out and about doing the Master’s work. You will find them teaching in a classroom setting or counseling one on one. You will see them supporting each other, understanding better than most the demands of “not being twenty any longer.” If you look closely you will see them fixing things around the building. Well, you get the idea. This group is deeply involved in the family life of Washington Avenue.

If you fit into this age group and are looking for a special set of friends…look no further. This group will lighten your outlook and lift you spirit.