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At some point you may have driven by a place where a group of people who follow Jesus regularly meet. You may have had a quick internal conversation about what those people are like. Maybe you even asked some questions to yourself.

Are they friendly?

What kinds of people are they?

How would they react to someone like me?

Do they think they are perfect?

Surely, there are some flawed people in there.

Is something good happening with those people?

Would I be welcome there?

Should I go there?

Those are really good questions and deserve an answer.

Here’s some thoughts about those questions.

I hope they are friendly. God wants them to be.  If not, they have some work to do.

They are from all walks of life. Just like Jesus’ followers in the Bible. A church usually involves a range of social classes, economic classes, political views, aesthetic perspectives, educations, and interests. Those are all important parts of who we are, but the priority is on who they are in Jesus.

I hope they would react with interest and love with someone like you. We’re all created in God’s image. So, we need to make the effort to value each other as God values all people. You might be a stranger at first, but that only lasts until we get to know each other. Even if we never meet, I hope you know how much you matter.

None of them are perfect. Not one. They are trying to get better. We all need some fine tuning. And, we all need the space to do that fine tuning. That’s one reason grace is so important.

Definitely some flawed people in the church. We are talking about people. No matter how put together they might appear, everyone has something going on in their lives. Some will have all manner of difficulties – they are struggling. Some might just have a couple of issues. Regardless, with the church, most will be looking to Jesus to face their flaws. They will be looking for a rich understanding of Scripture to build a faith of depth. They’ll be helping each other. They’ll encourage each other and many can share their victories. Over time, they’ll be developing themselves to have more of the character of Jesus.

God created us for good works in Jesus Christ. It is good for the people to lift up one another, to forgive each other, to help others, and be lights in a world with too much darkness. We hear too many stories of tragedy. I am excited that there are people who are making good things happen in the world. A strong church is striving for that.

I think you would be welcome there. Really. If you are really interested in seeing what is happening with them, they’ll make room. I remember being with a church where they literally kept an extra, empty chair – just in case someone wanted to visit. Maybe that’s a pew in some places or a bench. But, most will certainly be glad to make you comfortable.

Why not go to church? At the very least come see what is happening.

Some of the most powerful personal stories in history occur when God sees something more in a person than they were capable of seeing themselves.

From Moses to Gideon, to Peter, Paul, or John we see the unlikely person follow God and become far more than they ever would without Him. However their respective lives unfolded, they all responded to God’s love for people. It changed them for the better. In addition, they deeply affected those around them. A great church will honestly open the Bible to show how all of us can fulfill our fundamental needs and potential through Christ. More to the point, a great church sees the best in people. That’s a possibility for you as well.

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