Helping Our Member Get From Place To Place

photodune-bus--555x370-optGetting to worship is usually simple and taken for granted by most of us. We simply get in the car, turn the key, and away we go. Not so for everyone…and that is where this critically important ministry shines. Before each assembly our van leaves the building to pick members up for worship. Without the ride, they would, for the most part, not be able to attend.

We provide many transportation services for multiple users including– providing members with rides before and after worship assemblies, taking campers to and from West Kentucky Youth Camp, transporting our Youth Group on their annual summer evangelist campaign, shuttling our Senior Citizens to social, as well as other events, and chauffeuring groups going to out of town Gospel meetings, area Ladies Days, funerals, and et cetera. Well, you get the picture. Our vans are constantly on the go. It is an essential ministry of Washington Avenue.